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One Name Study

I run a one name study on the name Baughan and it's variants Baughen, Baughn, Baugham, Bauffin, Baffin, Boffin, DeBaughn and DeBaughan. If you have any interests in with these families please contact me.


Harry Baughan - A life of Motor Cycling

Special Event - 20th July 2010

Harry (Henry Percy) Baughan produced Baughan motorcycles and cars between 1920 and 1936. Ken Chandler has produced a book on his life. The book is to be launched on 20th July 2010 (at 10am) at the Museum in the Park, Stroud. Details about the book can be found at Walls Quarry Press (currently in the process of being updated). I'm informed that the book of 384 pages will be 17 (postage and package UK 3 Overseas prices have still to be decided).

Graham Stagg owns the surviving Baughan motorcycle with sidecar-wheel drive combination. It was presented to the Museum in the Park, Stroud on extended loan from 20th July 2010.

Photos from the event


All images copyright Cliff Baughen



Boffin TeaTowels & Aprons

The Bodleian Library Shop, Oxford used to sell (but it no longer appears in their catalogue) TeaTowels and Aprons with a print taken from a Boffin advertisement. Boffins were reknown confectioners and bakers in Oxford in the second half of the last century and the first half of this century.

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For Others

I have sometimes been asked to make available work done by other people so that it is accessible by other Baughen etc. researchers. Click here to go to this repository.

Oxfordshire Tour

More Tour Details Now Available

A tour of North Oxfordshire was held on 10th August, 1997. I have left information up in case you want to retrace our route.


I am a member of the following Societies

bullet Society of Genealogists
bullet Oxfordshire Family History Society
bullet Guild of One Name Studies
bullet Banbury Historical Society


Although I use a number of software applications the primary software used for recording my data is Family Tree Maker for Windows. However, I am in the process of migrating over to The Next Generation. This is a web browser application using Apache, MySQL and PHP. In my opinion it is a better way of linking information.

Other software that I use includes:

Custodian II

Collecting and storing UK data using templates



Collecting and storing US data using templates



Mapping UK data http://www.archersoftware.co.uk/


Please contact me at cliff@baughen.demon.co.uk

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